Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pengilly Scrub, tiny and isolated yet superb birding!

Went for a walk around an amazing little block of Scrub just down the road from where I live on Wednesday morning. The birding here is amazing at the moment with quite a few spring migrants residing here currently so theres plenty of birds to be found!
I have been here three times in the past two weeks trying to photograph the Painted Button-Quails which reside in here but they are proving quite challenging to snap, as I have seen them on two of these trips yet still haven't seen one through my viewfinder yet! only my Binoculars! oh well good excuse to go back another time!

Rainbow Bee-eater


White-winged Triller

Blokes Club! three male Budgerigars!

The Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater has a beautiful warbling song, it's one of the great sounds of dry country birding in Australia! There's only one other bird which in my opinion has a more distinctive call in outback Australia and that's the Crested Bellbird with it's amazing waterdrop call!

Elegant Parrot

Galahs are one of most common yet beautiful birds!

There were six Galahs in this tree and it was going to take more than me with my camera walking underneath them to make them fly as they had just been the target of a male Peregrine Falcon, who luckily for them had missed on his attacking stoop and then given up! when this photo was taken they were keeping their heads very low! 


  1. Great spot Chris. Looks like I may be available for birding on Sunday if you are? Happy to go anywhere bu must be back in Adelaide by around 3pm

  2. Hi Tony,
    wish I could but iv'e used up all my birding credits by going out to Swan Reach CP this weekend! Stay in touch we will keep working on it!