Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peregrine paradise!

There's a hidden little gem of a waterfall here in SA that not too many know of... the waterfall may not be big but it's cut a deep gorge through a hillside with a couple of sheer cliffs either side! Perfect Peregrine real estate!! Before this weekend just gone I hadn't been to this spot for around 12yrs! When I used to go there the resident Peregrines would always give me a hurry up as I stood on a fair slope just above the sheer cliff on the opposite to where the birds nest! Always a little intimidating and nerve-wracking!
Happy to say the resident pair of Peregrines are still there and still as intimidating as ever!!
I find.. as a lot would I think.. BIF shots hard to get right! I took a fair few this session! Some of the more average shots had more action with the birds stooping at me.. but when they did that, I struggled to get good focus! Man their FAST!! These shots are of the more subdued "fly-by's" which allowed a better result!!
These birds are wonderful to watch... awesome creatures! They ooze... "I'm top of the food chain and I know it" qualities.... and I could watch them all day! 

Just cruising by berating me as she went!
You can see the power in these birds when viewed like this!

Stunning birds!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Allsorts - highlights of the past month!!

Shhhh... hope nobody noticed but my last post was a while back now... been a little slack on updating this little blog lately! so this is my post to make up for it!!
Been having so much fun with my new camera of late... so I thought for this blog post I would let the pictures do the talking!
In the last month or so.. I have done trips to both Gluepot and Wagga Wagga! with lots of little trips in-between! I still have many photos to sort though! My hard drives are overflowing..... but have picked a few of the highlights out of the bunch and put them up below! Starting with one of the most beautiful parrots getting around the Superb Parrot!

Superb Parrots - Wagga Wagga NSW

Superb Parrots - Wagga Wagga NSW

Superb Parrots - Wagga Wagga NSW (Male & Female)

Noisy Friarbird - Wagga Wagga NSW

Galah - Freeling SA

Red-capped Robin - The Rock NSW

Superb Fairy-wren - Wagga Wagga NSW

Striated Pardalote - Wagga Wagga NSW

Striated Pardalote - Wagga Wagga NSW

Eastern Rosella - Wagga Wagga NSW

Musk Lorikeet - Freeling SA

Hardhead - Kapunda SA

Hardhead - Kapunda SA

Pied Currawong - Bright Vic

Varigated Fairy-wren - Gluepot SA

Chestnut Quail-thrush - Gluepot SA
Can't wait to see what the next month brings!!