Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peregrine and Black Falcons!

I have found it always pays to double check the "Raven" sitting up on the power pole as you drive past as every so often it may turn out to be otherwise! This happened to me today as I was driving back from picking up a Bat monitor from a small Mallee scrub at a mates place near Owen where I had left it over the weekend. As I was turning out of one of his paddocks I saw two "Ravens" sitting on power poles about 500m down the road. Looking partly into the sun, it wasn't until I was almost under them that I noticed the silhouette had a distinctively Falcon shape and a powerful one at that compared to the relatively sloppy look of the most common Falcon to be found on power poles in this area Brown Falcons. So I did a u-turn and was rewarded with great views of a pair of Peregrines enjoying a rest and catching a few early morning rays, before the next hunting jaunt I imagine! 

A "powerful" pair!

Peregrine male
Another Falcon which also enjoys the views afforded by power poles is the Black Falcon. There have been many Black Falcons around this year, they follow the Quails around and there have been lots of Stubble Quail around this year. Unfortunately wherever I have come across them this season I haven't had my camera with me so I pulled these two photo's out of my archives from January last year. These photo's were taken about 10km's away from where the Peregrines were, down near Hamley Bridge in the lower north of South Australia. 

Black Falcon (Photo taken 9/1/2010)

Larger and even more powerful than the Peregrine!

Amazing, beautiful birds both of them! I especially love the Black Falcons with the way they hunt and their never give up attitude! they top my list of favourite Australian Birds!

Bronzewing encounters!

A few shots of a bird that usually likes to keep a bit of distance the Common Bronzewing, the only time it will allow a close approach is when on the nest as seen here!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crested Shrike-tits still at my Winery!

After breeding in the middle of the Winery wastewater Eucalypt plantation in 2009, then disappearing for 6-8 months, my local Crested Shrike-tit pair were back again in spring 2010. This time nesting on the banks of the North Para River which runs along side the woodlot and through the winery, in November one chick fledged and could often be found begging to be fed high up in the canopy.
Currently all three are still moving about the Winery and can be heard calling occasionally throughout the day. Today I followed the calls up to find all three high up giving limited photo ops! The first photo is the best I could get!!

Male CST, one of three feeding high up in the Eucalypts at St Hallett Winery on 2/2/2011

Same Male CST feeding down lower. (photo taken start of Jan 2011)

Same Male CST feeding down lower. (photo taken start of Jan 2011)