Sunday, March 4, 2012

Australian Hobby, Part 4

Happened to spot the male of the local pair of hobbies sitting in his favorite tree devouring a small bird, as I pulled into my driveway today! By the time I ran in and got the camera he had finished and was just resting in the sunshine. When I walked up to the tree he flew, and I thought I had blown it...but he just looped around me a couple of times for fun and then perched even lower down on an exposed branch! Perfect! just right for a couple of photos!
Australian Hobby (male) just after finishing a meal of a small unidentified bird!

This is the male of the local pair he's quite confiding and will allow me to walk right underneath him, the female dosen't let me get as close as this...50m from the tree and she's off!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another bird of the night!

Took my eldest son to school this morning and he showed me a spot where he had seen an Owl a few days ago when his mum had picked him up and parked in the churchyard beside the school. As I expected from his description, it was a Boobook Owl.. a species I only occassionally see in this area! What made this pretty cool is the fact it's roosting in a churchyard! Just seems like the appropriate place to find one!
Boobook Owl

Stop annoying's time to go back to sleep!!