Monday, November 28, 2011

Australian Falcons on Facebook

Australian Hobby
If anyone is on Facebook and are keen to see more pictures and chat about Australian Falcons I have started up a Facebook page dedicated to the 6 amazing species of Falcons we get here in Australia!
Feel free to like the page and add pics if you like? just post them to the Aust. Falcons wall and I will share them for everybody to see!!/pages/Australian-Falcons/183269638414736?sk=wall


Black Falcon

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Falcon pursuing Quail

Driving home from work the other day I was privileged to witness an attempt by my favourite Aussie bird the Black Falcon trying to snatch one of a couple of Stubble Quails which were fleeing a Harvester reaping a Canola crop just on the outskirts of Freeling. The Falcon was unsuccessful and then headed off to the east riding a thermal to a great height! All I got was a couple of quick photos as the bird headed away from me, not the best photos but all I could manage as the Falcon didn't give me time to adjust my camera for the light conditions or anything else!
This time of year here in Southern Australia is a bit of a boom time for Black Falcons as they like to follow the harvesters that are currently reaping all the cereal crops around the place. These crops all usually full of Quail at this time of year as well and as the harvesters flush them constantly the Falcons, both Black and Peregrine are usually not far behind!

Riding a thermal after it's unsuccessful attempt at catching either of the lucky Stubble Quails!

Black Falcon largest of Australia's Falcon species.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pengilly Parrots!

Thought I would post up a few photos I took this morning of some of the currently resident parrots found in a tiny little Mallee scrub near Roseworthy, South Australia.

Immature Elegant Parrot

Budgerigars, there were 12 in this flock but with my zoom lens I could only frame these four!

More Budgies

Cockatiel and a Rainbow Bee-eater

This fella was trying to hide!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedge-tailed Eagle nest!

Went out to a mate's place the other day to do a little birding in a scrub just up the road from his house where we new of a Wedge-tailed Eagle nest which was being used this year and had a single chick in it. We have known this pair of Eagles have been nesting in this area for at least ten years and they have a couple of nests in the area and use one or the other each year. From our point of view it's always good when this one is chosen as it is quite low down and easily accessible! We are always careful as Wedgies are notoriously wary around their nests and if disturbed when on eggs will often abandon the nest so for that reason we only visit once we are sure there is a fairly well grown chick in the nest! As you will see below!
It's only in a low tree and even then only half way up but in it's position the Eagles have a commanding view out over the plains to the east!

In this photo you can see the half grown Eaglets downy head slightly dwarfed by the huge stucture of it's nest! 

Looks quite comfy!

Even at this size Wedge-tailed Eagle chicks are impressive birds!