Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flinders Ranges

Headed up to the Finders Ranges for a mates Buck show on the weekend just gone. Now there may have been a few more bottle caps opening than camera shutters! but along the way I still managed to get a few shots of some of the birdlife which inhabit this beautiful place!

The Aroona Valley a stunning place to visit!

One of the commonest sights in the Flinders Ranges!

Wedge-tailed Eagles rule the skies! and there's plenty of them!

Grey Butcherbird on nest along a section of the Heysen trail in the Aroona Valley.

and this is the sitting birds mate keeping an eye on us.

Peaceful Dove

The only other true Aussie eagle! The Little Eagle is also found in the Flinders, we found three of them during our trip. Plumage of Little Eagles can vary from light to dark, this bird is from the light phase end of the scale!

We found this Black Falcon and it's mate after it had just split a flock of Feral Pigeons and Galahs, just South of a little town called Carrieton on the RM Williams Way. It was in the exact location we found one last year on our way home from a trip up the Strezlecki Track!

While watching the Black Falcons ride a thermal off to the West, I spied this male Red-rump Parrot hiding away not moving an inch, trying not to become a Falcon's next meal!

A little further south on the way home this Australian Hobby was soaking up the Sun's last warm rays on a fence near Spalding in the states mid north.

Same bird a little closer!


  1. Great Post chris. It would begood to go birding together sometime

  2. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Hope to visit that neck of the woods when we head off for a couple of years of travel in a few months.