Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birds inbetween the Bats! Gluepot delivers again!

Last weekend I spent three days at Gluepot Reserve chasing Bats! I was there doing a course on the Bats of Gluepot. This involved a lot of night work and a bit of a fragmented schedule during the day! As someone who enjoys Bats but loves birds I spent nearly every second I wasn't at the course out searching for birds! Needless to say by the end of the three days I was wrecked! Didn't matter though! as I really enjoyed the course and found and photographed some great birds! as you can see below!!

Major Mitchell Cockatoo... they really are a beautiful bird!


Not long out of the nest!

Striated Grasswren... easily my best photo of the species!

In all I found 12 Grasswrens for the trip all in pairs, some of the territories were quite close though!

I had just told a really funny joke... and this little Grasswren just couldn't stop laughing!!!

White-browed Treecreeper - an extremely quiet and confiding species (they just about land on your shoulders sometimes!), compared to their cousins the Brown Treecreepers which are noisy and wary!

Red-lored Whistler - juvenile

Shy Heathwren - these guys proved harder to photograph than the Grasswrens! I guess they are called 'Shy' after all!!

Mulga Parrots were in the best numbers I have ever seen

Brown Falcon - this bird didn't care that I was standing only 4m away, it only flushed when a flock of Miners mobbed it!

Chestnut Quail-thrush

Redthroat - this one was doing a perfect mimicry of a male Red-capped Robin in the middle of it's song!

Varigated Fairy-wrens

Australian (Mallee) Ringneck

Same Brown Falcon as earlier but with a Australian Ringneck thrown in!

Australian (Nankeen) Kestrel - just checking me out! Thankfully I'm not edible!
 I also have to mention the great job my beautiful wife did in looking after our three kids while I was away! With three kids under six years old our house can be a little crazy at the best of times!! so to look after them for three days without a break......well if it was me I would probably end up in the nut-house!! So thank you baby! much appreciated!!