Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freeling Sewage Ponds

Quick walk around the sewage ponds today turned up some good birds with the highlight being a single Banded Stilt! This is an unusual species to turn up here with their close cousins the Black-winged Stilt more likely to be found. I have been checking these ponds now for around three years and in that time I have only seen one other Banded Stilt here about 18 months ago (could be the same bird back again?)

Banded Stilt

Australian Shelduck
  Another first for the ponds is this single Musk Duck, cruising around with the flotilla of Grey Teals and Hardheads!

Musk Duck

Yellow-throated Miner

Australia Magpie

Banded Stilt with friends!

Ducks everywhere!

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