Monday, April 28, 2014

The Raptorfest continues....

Actually I could probably call this a Falcon-fest! :-)
In the past two weeks since I posted my last blog, I have had some wonderful encounters with some of our beautiful Falcons!
Started with a drive one afternoon just to see what was around... after driving about 8km and missing a chance at a pair of Brown Falcons! I came across my favourite local bird... a Black Falcon sitting preening itself on a fence-post! The best bit though... was it didn't fly until I had taken about 20 images! Rapt! These guys can be a little flighty so any chance to get some perched shots is always a bonus!
The accommodating Black Falcon!

and then after a few images it thermalled  up straight above me until it was out of sight!
 After the fun of the Black I was on my way home and came across one of the Brown Falcons I had flushed earlier! This time I got a little closer... but it was still a flighty one for this species and the shots were only just ok!
Brown Falcon looking relaxed whilst I was still a distance away!

and then when I got too close!
 Like in my last blog post I pulled up to my house and found the male Hobby from my local pair feeding on his favourite perch just out the front!
Australian Hobby feeding on some poor unfortunate unidentified little bird!
 The next day I went back out to where I saw the Black Falcon. This time there were no Falcons but I did see a Little Eagle fly past about 150m away!
Little Eagle... it was a little distant for a decent shot! But always nice to see one in the area as they are not common here!
 Next was a trip to Gluepot Reserve. Raptors weren't really my focus for this trip... but when a young Peregrine Falcon came rocketing in out of nowhere when we were checking out a flock of ducks at an ephemeral lake at Old Gluepot I wasn't going to complain!
This was quite surprising as I had never heard about Peregrines occurring in the area! Whether this was just a young one passing through... I'm not sure?
Anyway it was there and thumped a Wood Duck right in front of us too! Luckily for the Duck the strike wasn't fatal... and when they both were falling to the ground the Peregrine pulled out as they were about to fall into an Acacia bush! The Duck fell into it and survived! About 20minutes later it flew out looking none the worse for wear! Can't imagine how the thump was amazing!
Locked onto it's target!

The unsuccessful hunter!

They are very beautiful in their spotty immature plumage I think :-)

So here's hoping for many more raptor filled weeks as we progress through 2014!
Cheers for now


  1. Great post mate, and some amazing photos, love the peregrine shots-- Bill oneil

  2. Wow! More raptor feasting. I've had many chances to get Black falcon pictures but always find them just out of reach and I get poor silhouettes. I'm quite envious of these beautiful pics. Wonderful action you have described of the peregrine too.