Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mice beware...!!

With my camera in the car last Sunday I took a quick drive to a mates farm to get some grain for my backyard chooks.
Mice live a risky life in this neck of the woods!

Australian Kestrel on the lookout!

Black-shouldered Kite with freshly caught mouse!

Mmmmmm..... tasty!!

Belly full... sun on the horizon.... time to find a roost for the night!

and as soon as the sun has set... the nightshift are ready to roll!


  1. Great shots Chris, love the Kite on the pine cones. Can envisage a painting of above and below ground with the mice huddling in their burrows saying "you go" and the others saying "no, you go!" Kestrel shot is a stunner as well, cheers, Richard

  2. Thanks Richard! Hadn't thought of that option! I like it! Wonder how many field mice die of old age? Between all the predators on the ground and in the skies, wouldn't like to be a mouse!