Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy days indeed!!

Dark, cold and wet is a good way to summarise a typical South Aussie winter and generally it's not conducive to good birding conditions.... (that's my excuse anyway!) hence I have been a little slack on the blog just of late!!
All this is about to change though! I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! The days are getting longer and there has been a shift in the way the local birdlife is behaving! Calling, singing and scrapping with each other? gone now are the days of conserving energy and just surviving.... the breeding season has begun!! All around now the sublime sounds of all the local birdlife can be heard singing their little hearts out! Maybe not officially but nature knows no such calender... Spring has sprung! Happy days indeed!
 Back to my lack of posts! Whilst conserving energy and hibernating during the depths of winter, I decided I needed a new camera to try to do justice to the beauty that nature provides! So with a new Canon 600D on my shoulder this Spring I am hoping to bring some of Australia's natural beauty to all who peruse this blog...
Below is the results of my first few days with my new camera....happy so far!  
Purple-crowned Lorikeet

Australian Owlet-nightjar

Brown Falcon
Brown Falcon profile

Australian Kestral

Purple-crowned Lorikeet up close!

Mmm... mallee blossum!


  1. Terrific pictures! Love the up close lorikeet. Is that a canola crop in the last shot?

  2. Thanks Wampy and John, yes the close up of the Purple-crown is my favorite as well! and yep Canola to the horizon! makes a nice contrast to the sky I thought!

  3. Absolutley beautiful photos as always... the Purple-crowned Lorikeet is gorgeous, and the owlet nightjar picture is an amazing opportunity shot also, but I really love the last landscape image, its breathtaking!

  4. Great shots Chris - thats a cool one of the Owlet Nightjar. About time we did a trip together again!!

  5. Sounds good Tony! I'm away interstate for a couple of weeks soon... but when I get back I will be in contact and we should do the Laratinga/Monarto trip we talked of last time?