Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedge-tailed Eagle nest!

Went out to a mate's place the other day to do a little birding in a scrub just up the road from his house where we new of a Wedge-tailed Eagle nest which was being used this year and had a single chick in it. We have known this pair of Eagles have been nesting in this area for at least ten years and they have a couple of nests in the area and use one or the other each year. From our point of view it's always good when this one is chosen as it is quite low down and easily accessible! We are always careful as Wedgies are notoriously wary around their nests and if disturbed when on eggs will often abandon the nest so for that reason we only visit once we are sure there is a fairly well grown chick in the nest! As you will see below!
It's only in a low tree and even then only half way up but in it's position the Eagles have a commanding view out over the plains to the east!

In this photo you can see the half grown Eaglets downy head slightly dwarfed by the huge stucture of it's nest! 

Looks quite comfy!

Even at this size Wedge-tailed Eagle chicks are impressive birds!


  1. A very stunning bird, even at that young age. I always enjoy seeing wedge-tails, fantastic to have them nesting nearby and good to know that you don't disturb the birds when they're sitting on the egg. Though I can't see the parents being too impressed with close-ups of their baby either :P

  2. Fantastic Photos! The juv Wedgie is just gorgeous! Please tell me how you managed to get these "in nest shots"?? Did you climb the tree or have some telescopic device?

  3. Thanks Blue Bird IM, a bit of careful tree climbing is how I got the shots! Luckily this nest is quite low and the tree easy to climb! This way a quick few shots can be taken and disturbance is kept to a mimimum.

  4. Lots of great pictures on your blog!
    Nice to see all these australian birds!
    That eagle nest is huge! Havent seen that before..

    Greetings from Switzerland
    Yvonne & Raphael