Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Falcon pursuing Quail

Driving home from work the other day I was privileged to witness an attempt by my favourite Aussie bird the Black Falcon trying to snatch one of a couple of Stubble Quails which were fleeing a Harvester reaping a Canola crop just on the outskirts of Freeling. The Falcon was unsuccessful and then headed off to the east riding a thermal to a great height! All I got was a couple of quick photos as the bird headed away from me, not the best photos but all I could manage as the Falcon didn't give me time to adjust my camera for the light conditions or anything else!
This time of year here in Southern Australia is a bit of a boom time for Black Falcons as they like to follow the harvesters that are currently reaping all the cereal crops around the place. These crops all usually full of Quail at this time of year as well and as the harvesters flush them constantly the Falcons, both Black and Peregrine are usually not far behind!

Riding a thermal after it's unsuccessful attempt at catching either of the lucky Stubble Quails!

Black Falcon largest of Australia's Falcon species.

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