Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Quail and it's enemy...

The Stubble Quail is a common bird in these parts at this time of the year! They run the gauntlet of many harvesters bearing down on them during the the months of November and December! Where undoubtedly many will and have met their end... The lucky ones who manage to escape the metal jaws of death often do so by bursting up and flying as fast as they can away from the danger... the problem they often face is... their being watched... as the Black Falcons who follow the movements of the Quail often follow the Harvesters as well in readiness for one of the Quails to burst into flight! Then they make spectacular dives in an attempt to snatch a feed! A few get taken this way... although I think the Harvesters take more lives over the season!
One day I will get a shot or video of these spectacular Falcon/Quail showdowns till then the photos below will have to do! These have all been taken in the last few months!
Stubble Quail (male)

and the same bird again

Stubble Quail (female)
Black Falcon resting in the shade

The usual view of the Black Falcon on the wing... a Stubble Quail's worst nightmare!

Black Falcons are the largest of Australia's Falcons and often pirate prey off other raptors often larger than themselves! I have seen them push Spotted Harriers down into the stubble with repeated dives.. when the harriers are carrying prey!

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