Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feathers in the night....

The nights have warmed.... the crops are off and the Owls are back! Gotta love this time of year!
As can be seen from a few of my later posts.. I have been enjoying birding under the cover of darkness just of late!
The stunningly beautiful Barn Owl has been the subject to mostly be found in my viewfinder...

Just for something a little different I have been trying to take flight shots of these Owls! I really am poorly set-up for this kind of shot... with only the on-board camera flash I need the bird to be pretty close to get a reasonable shot! The two below are from my first attempt at OIF shots!! Fairly happy to at least get some... but with a decent external flash they could be so much better!

Thought I would also add this photo... it's of good friend Kay Parkin having a 'who's going to flinch first' stand off with a Tawny Frogmouth on the post! It shows how close you can get to these great birds! On many occasions I have been to within a metre of them and they don't even fly! Very cool!


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  1. Stunning Barn Owl Images! We see them on occasion here - they are beautiful.