Friday, November 30, 2012

Flying Falcon.....Relaxed Owl!

Just a quick update to add a couple of photos taken in the last week! The Brown Falcon was originally perched up high in a dead tree.. took a few shots that haven't turned out so well! but the take off flight shots came out not too bad!
The Barn Owl shot is of one of the first birds to arrive around Freeling this season! Love it when they hold their foot up like this! Looks cool! Wouldn't want to be grabbed by those talons though!
Brown Falcon - Pengilly Scrub, South Australia
Barn Owl - Freeling, South Australia


  1. Two superb photographs, Chris. The lighting is spot-on with the owl too.

  2. fabulous photos... I think you under-estimate "not too bad"!! They are fantastic. The owl is beautiful