Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hate to be a mouse..... with these three around!

A few photos from a last hurrah of Owling before the nights get too cold down here in South Australia! Had a great night as the birds came out to play and we didn't have any trouble finding the usual culprits! Barn Owls especially at the moment are in big numbers...probably due to the large numbers of mice we have around here at the moment!
I love Owls such graceful, beautiful birds!
Our most common bird of the night in these parts..the Barn Owl! there's been an influx of these around SA's lower north at the moment!

One of my favourite birds the Boobook Owl! I love nothing better than to be sitting around a campfire listening to the lovely call from these little Owls!

This bird the Tawny Frogmouth is unbelievably trusting at night and often wont move off their branch unless you touch them!

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