Friday, January 13, 2012

Wagga Wagga Birding

 Been around a month now since my last blog so thought I better add a few of the birding highlights found during the Christmas break near Wagga Wagga in NSW. I didn't manage to get out as much as I would have liked and had planned to go to an area near Griffith to try and get Turquoise Parrots which are supposedly pretty reliable in that area! Unfortunately time beat me and I never got up there! But did manage to check a few of the closer spots which had a small chance of having a Turquoise or two in them! never found one but did get onto some other great woodland birds from the area! below are some of the highlights!
Leaden Flycatcher in full song! Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, NSW

Speckled Warbler - The Rock, NSW

Crested Shrike-tits - The Rock, NSW

Western Gerygone - Kyeamba TSR, NSW

Eastern Yellow Robin - Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, NSW

Noisy Friarbird - Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, NSW

Restless Flycatcher - Kyeamba TSR, NSW

Superb Fairy-wren - Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, NSW


  1. Great shots Chris, the Leaden Flycatcher is a pearler and having tried to get one Shrike-tit can be challenging so great job getting the pair of them.

  2. Thanks Richard, I was pretty happy getting a pair out in the open like that! not a common thing!

  3. Seriously LOVE the Noisy Friarbird!!! Well done Chris!