Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hobby Time !

Walked out the front door late this afternoon to a chorus of unhappy Wattlebirds, Honeyeaters and Lorikeets. As is always my way I instantly started scanning for the usual suspects in this neck of the woods. Falcons or Goshawks are the most likely culprits around these parts and today it was an Australian Hobby which came whizzing through to land in a big gum not far from the front of my yard.

Australian Hobby (female)

Went inside grabbed the camera and headed out to the tree. In the time it took to get the camera another Hobby had also turned up and looked to be settling in for the evening. While photographing the Hobbies the other culprit mentioned appeared! A Brown Goshawk flew through low about 50m away and into a large stand of dense Pines, I thought about trying to find it but decided against it as it would have been too dark for photography, as it was the sun dropped behind a cloud on the horizon and it got a little dark even for the Falcons.

Pair settling in to roost for the night. (female above, Male below)

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