Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brookfield Conservation Park

A few photos from last weekends trip to Brookfield.

Australian (Mallee) Ringneck

Crested Bellbird (One of my favourite Mallee birds)

Mulga Parrots

Juvenile Black-eared Cuckoo

Gilberts Whistler (female)

Elegant Parrots, an unusual sighting for Brookfield! also as they flew up off the ground they got the heart fluttering for a short while as Scarlet-chested Parrot country isn't that far away from here!!

Red-backed Kingfisher

Australian Owlet-nightjar, this one holds a territory just into the park and can normally be found most trips!


  1. Hi chris

    I think we met at the OBP identification Workshop in Goolwa. I'm heading past Brookfield next week, and would like to try and see the Owlet-nightjar if possible. can you e-mail me directions/rough idea where he is on tony at tcphotos dot net?


  2. Hi Tony,

    Correct we did, and yes will do in regards to directions.

  3. A great place for birding, this nice area at Brookfield. Love the images you have captured, I saw my first wild Mulga Parrot there back in 2009 with a friend.
    I am going to head there again once the weather has improved a bit further in the year.
    well done.


  4. Hi Chris, as a recent arrival to Australia (back after a very long absence) I have been enjoying your blog and pictures. In a week or so I will be heading up to Brookfield. Do you know if your Owlet-nightjar is still around is a similar area this spring? Could you send me pointers? Cheers, Ian (iandreid gmail)

  5. Hi Ian, sorry if I am writing to late and you have already been? Only just saw your message! The Owlet-nightjar wasn't there last time I was there and that was about a year ago now! Best bet is to just tap any likely looking hollows and maybe one will be in there and emerge! Good luck! Chris