Monday, November 8, 2010

Square-tailed Kites in SA !!

Square-tailed Kites are generally rare to uncommon over most of Australia, in South Australia they arguably could be the rarest bird we have!
Twice before I have come across this species,with both times only brief views were had as an individual bird flew low over my head. The first time was back in about 1998 in a vineyard on the edge of the Onkaparinga Gorge. Then I saw one last year quartering over one of the woodlots at St Hallett Winery in the Barossa Valley (probably one of these birds), both times views were good enough to get a positive id on the birds.
Yesterday (7/11/10) a good birding friend of mine Kay Parkin went out searching for these elusive birds and hit the mega jackpot! finding a nest with a sitting bird! She rang to let me know and within an hour or so I was also standing watching as the female sat on the nest and then a male came in with some prey to feed what sounded like very young chicks! Fabulous sight to see, once in a lifetime stuff!! and what made it even better was the birds totally ignored us and went about their business like we weren't even there!
Right up there as one of my best birding experience's!

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